Our investment in research and development has been maintained over the last few years, placing us at the forefront of the flexographic printing sector.

We have several lines among which we highlight the bipack and multipack products, as well as metallized films with high barrier and polyester treated films, the latter aimed at applications such as wet wipes and various preparations or oil-based mixtures that are used as cosmetics, medicines for external use, etc., currently in great demand for its high barrier to oxygen, water vapor and the extraordinary strength of lamination.

This work is carried out following the highest standards of quality and reliability, in a climate of teamwork with the close collaboration of our Quality Laboratory. The team shares knowledge and a great experience, which represents an enormous advantage. Cooperation and communication between all of us is the basis of our success. This alignment allows us to advance from the first steps of research in R&D to the commercialization of new market lines because we know that, even with the latest technologies and extensive business experience of more than 45 years, the process of discovery and development is still complex and long if there is not a great awareness and teamwork.

Our commercial technicians will always advise you the best solution and finishes for your project