Technical project management

The right project management is essential for the development of a solution that allows our clients to capture the creativity, branding and expectations they want.

Our Technical Department advise the customer in our facilities on the automatic and / or manual application of our products, the possibility of testing the tests and approvals adapting them if necessary to the needs of their machines and processes to get the most out of their plant.

We bring our experience and resources to achieve the best final quality and adaptation to the packaging.

Since the first contact with our Commercial Technicians, we work with our customers advising them about the most important aspects:Design solutions, materials, inks, printing systems and the most appropriate finishes for their project.

Our R&D team collaborates with the most professional suppliers and their technical departments in the search for materials, adhesives, etc., with the aim of innovating and providing the most suitable solutions to each project.

Our commercial technicians will always advise you the best solution and finishes for your project