Parking meters

Rolls for parking meters and automated cash machines, made in rolls of thermal paper for their later printing in ticket machines.

Quality and durability

The roll of protected thermal paper guarantees the durability and maintenance of the later printing.

Two-sided printing

The option of two-sided printing in the parking meters roll acts as an advising support: It facilitates the brand dissemination.
It allows advertising campaigns, discounts and promotions.

Bright colors

In Ovelar we know the importance of colour, essential to represent a brand and the image you want to transmit, so we are very careful and we guarantee the quality and the finish.


  • Offset printing up to 6 colors plus 1 color in flexography.
  • Flexography printing up to 10 colours.
  • Pattern printing in roll (according to the metric need of the customer).

Our commercial technicians will always advise you the best solution and finishes for your project