Rolls with advertising to decorate spaces, highlight promotions, but above all to enhance the importance of the product.

Essential in advertising campaigns. Specially recommended for:

Covering pallets and containers in aisle exhibitions, identification of promotion areas in commercial places, decoration of gondolas in Department Stores, perimeter and frozen island decorations, for ambience and decoration at parties, events, presentations, product launches, product identification in department stores. In short, to maximise the visibility of the product in a commercial space.

Couché paper, cardboard, polypropylene.

Up to 10 colors in Flexography or Offset.

120 mm. / 150 mm. / 200 mm. / 250 mm. / 300 mm./400 mm. / 500 mm. / 620 mm.

(Other sizes on request)

25 / 50 / 100 meters

Removable or permanent adhesive.

  • Different developments in message repetition
  • 1.5 mm spacing for easy cutting.

To place on the shelf and cut to desired size.


Ambience and decoration in events, presentations, launches…

To cover pallets and product containers at aisle exhibitions

Decorates the entire shelf giving greater visibility to the product

Decoration of gondolas, perimeters, and for all types of furniture

Highlighting of offers and promotions

Brand annotations on the shelf

Category management

Advertising campaigns, product implementation…

Our commercial technicians will always advise you the best solution and finishes for your project

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