OVELAR is one of the most important manufacturers of Sleeve (Shrink Sleeve or Thermo-retracting Sleeve) in Spain. We have the most advanced machinery on the market and state-of-the-art technology to manufacture and create with all types of effects and finishes and highly qualified personnel to carry out any project.

  • Maximum quality in all types of effects and finishes: metallic, pearlescent, phosphorescent, transparent, holographic, nuclear whites….

  • The sleeve manages to take advantage of all the space of the container for the design and information that we want to provide, creating a sophisticated image with an incredible visual impact within the linear.

  • The sleeve adapts easily to any marketing strategy (promotions, discounts, raffles…). The change in packaging is possible quickly and economically.

  • It allows you to adapt to economies of scale as you can customize the same package for the entire range of products of the manufacturer, maintaining a uniform brand image.

  • It protects the contents of the package as it is highly resistant to water, chemicals and humidity. In case of packaging breakage, it prevents the dispersion of fragments. In case of breakage of the container, it prevents the dispersion of fragments

Markets where a sleeve makes the difference:

Sleeves for circular economy

In order to achieve the least possible environmental impact, OVELAR sleeves facilitate the selective collection of packaging, thus collaborating with a more sustainable labelling.

Our sleeves offer the option of presenting a longitudinal precut that facilitates the separation of the sleeve from the glass or other type of packaging (pet, pvc, etc.) with a small gesture, which facilitates its recycling. It also offers the possibility of inserting a recycling legend aimed at the final consumer (composition of the cap, the primary packaging, the secondary packaging -Sleeve).

With these options our customers gain two advantages: on the one hand they allow to interact the end consumer with the environment, betting on this product in front of the others of the linear, and at the same time allows them to offer information to their consumers of the new ECO-design and its destination.

Sleeve packaging

Recycleable packaging icon

Component recycling legend

Longitudinal pre-cut. Makes it easier to separate the film from the container

Sleeves with warranty seal

The warranty and safety seal is an extension of the sleeve that covers the lid of the container and guarantees that the product has not been handled since it left the factory and came to the shelf where it is exposed and sold.

The seal has a horizontal or vertical pre-cut, allowing for quick and easy opening. The sealed sleeve it is well indicated for food products, beverages, pharmacy, drugstore, cosmetics or cleaning products, as the manufacturer will be able to guarantee that these will reach the market under the right quality conditions, in addition to providing added value by offering a confidence plus for the end consumer as it prevents fraud.

Print finishes

The sleeve offers the opportunity to convert the packaging into advertising at 360o, which makes the product enhance its appeal in the sales line and can show a lot of information to customers.

Our sleeves support countless colors, in addition to all kinds of feces and finishes to adhere to the desired design: metallic, pearly, phosphorescent, transparent, holographic, nuclear whites, gloss and matte varnishes, cool stamping, screen printing…

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Our commercial technicians will always advise you on the best solution and finishes for your project