Quality certificates

Ovelar SA commits to work within the philosophy of quality, ensuring the continuity of the company, its growth and its challenge to purchase the most advanced machinery, always with a deep respect for the environment. Our ultimate goal is the total quality, based on three fundamental principles:

Customer Focus, Continuous Improvement and, the most important, Teamwork.

Both the Company Management and all the organization assume and share this basic goal, detailed in its Quality Policy, which defines the general principles of the company performance related to quality management.

We understand that quality is our Customers’ right, so it’s a duty for those who are part of our organization.

Therefore, since June 1998 we have worked under the requirements of ISO 9001 Certification. We know for sure that our team is our best value; they participate with their contributions in the day to day management, so their professionalism and experience are the reason for our success.

Our System of Quality Management is audited and certified by an accredited independent entity. This system aims to ensure the continuous improvement of all processes and comply with:

Contractual specifications, legal requirements and customers’ expectations.

We think that growing orderly and manage our resources for the benefit of our Customers and of our Environment are the premises that define our behaviour, so we believe in THE QUALITY OF SERVICE and in THE ENVIRONMENT.

We are a company that is present throughout the national territory and exports to other countries; a company which is focused on getting a high quality, the customer’s satisfaction and an environmental responsibility; a company that is always striving to improve its effectiveness. All these values are stated in our quality and environmental policies.