BRCGS Packaging

Ovelar S.A. is certified in BRCGS PACKAGING, for packaging and packaging materials. The process has required a large economic investment and a thorough adaptation of the existing facilities. In addition, an extension and refurbishment of these new facilities has been carried out.

This certification allows Ovelar to get a better positioning for sleeves and wrap-around labels in the food, detergency, dairy, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors of the national and international market.

The advantages that this certificate brings to Ovelar are:

  • Our products will be safe, legal and of high quality for our customers.
  • To have a HACCP system implemented and evaluated in order to verify compliance with the requirements of the BRCGS Standard to reduce or eliminate possible critical control points and to work to promote a culture of product safety and quality.
  • Access to international markets to export to countries where this standard is required.
  • Protocolised, operational and organised communication for the distribution chain, consumers and intermediaries.
  • To have a documented, implemented and evidenced plan against food fraud and a food defence plan.
  • Having staff trained in Good Handling and Hygiene Practices, Food Fraud, Food Defence, Organisational Culture, etc.
  • Last but not least, to guarantee our customers excellent traceability in the shortest possible time.